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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Interesting application called Projects

This freeware application acts as a Task (To-Do) replacement that allows you to name a project and then have a series of to-do items under that particular project name. You can create as many different projects as you want and the project's individual tasks never intermingle with the tasks from another project. The user can also specify which Category (Social Studies, Math, or Science) he wants the Project to fall under.

This is a quite a bit different then how the built in To-Do functions. Under the built-in application if the user wanted to create a title with specific tasks he had to use categories. The categories function is limited to 15 and under the All view all the to-do items would intermingle with each other.

I'm using the V 1.8.3 beta version on my Zire 72 and have have not experienced any problems. I'm going to try to contact the developer and I'll post here if there are any cautions. Unlike the V 1.8.3 release, the V 1.8.2 release does not allow beaming which renders it useless from an education standpoint.

Click here to download Projects V 1.8.3

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