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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Summing Tutorial

Since there always seems to be confusion about how to play "Summing" I decided to create a tutorial.

Keep in mind that "Summing"is played somewhat like "Mine Sweeper" found on the computer.

The picture to the left has a snapshot of Summing and a arrow pointing to a five. This 5 is the first integer that you will place on the grid. You can place the 5 in any place that's free, however, the goal the game is to get rid of all numbers on the grid. The way you do that is by summing.

On this grid you see two arrows pointing to empty spaces. These spaces are where I can place the 5 and get rid of some numbers.

I will choose to put the 5 in the empty space that touches the 3, the 2, and the 0.

When I place the 5 at that spot all the numbers disappear.

Now, I'm dealing with the 6.

The 2 black arrows indicate where I can place the 6 and get rid of squares that total 6.

The red arrow arrow indicates a space that touches 3 squares that total 16 (1+9+6=16). I can place the 6 there and get rid of the those 3 square (see next picture). If there was a space that touched squares that equaled 26 or 36 I could place the 6 there and get rid of those numbers. Its the ones column of the sum your worried about.

This rule works for all number 0-9.

That's basically it. Now the challenge is to develop strategies that allow you to clear the board as quickly as possible. I have heard that it has been cleared in 19 numbers.

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