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Monday, February 06, 2006


Pass the Palm Competition using QuizWiz or Quizzler

Hopefully, I can do this in a presentation I'm giving in my Ancient Civilizations class on Thursday. I'm not sure the instructor will let me. If he does, I'll record the presentation and post the video here.

1. Create a list 15 to 20 questions using QuizWiz or Quizzler.
2. Form 2 groups that contain the same number of students. If there is an odd number of students use MagicChooser or Name Picker to pick a student acts as a teacher aid.
3. Have the two group sit cross legged in a row on a carpetted floor (in case the handheld is dropped).
4. Open the Quiz application on two handhelds and give the handheld to first student of the row. 5. The student mark his answer in the application and "Pass the Palm" to the next student. This is repeated along the entire row.
6. The group with the most correct answers is the winner. If there is a tie then the winner is the group that completes the questions first.

Students will have to have prior knowledge using the quiz application on a handheld.

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