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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Brian Schau's Language Arts Applications

Brian Schau has also created a pair of great applications which can be used in Language Arts.

In Dictate, students write a word or sentence given to them by the teacher. The program scores the students "dictation," which can then be exported to Palm MemoPad. This application can easily be used for spelling quizzes.

GoneMad acts as a MadLibs clone. The student fills in the requested parts of speech and reads the story when completed. Exporting finished stories to MemoPad is one of the cool things that can be done with GoneMad. This ability allows the teacher to use this program in a couple of different ways. If the teacher builds spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors into the story then the students could complete the GoneMad story, export it to memo, and then edit the story correcting for these errors. Perhaps the teacher could create GoneMad stories from science, social studies, and even math and have the students edit out errors in MemoPad.
Like his math applications, Brian Schau's language arts applications are freeware.

Teachers should also check out Tony Vincent's
GoneMad web page.

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