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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Meap Images and VDI Viewer

This is one of the projects I've been working on in with the teacher in Linden who has a full set of classroom handhelds.

The Michigan DoE has released a series of Social Studies MEAP questions for teachers to use at their discretion. I've converted these questions (around 20) into a series of bitmap images which can viewed on the VDI Viewer for Palms. VDI is an scrollable image viewer which has a desktop companion for uploading, converting, and compressing BMP images. It works great with maps taken from a computer Screen Capture. We intend to use these as classroom discussion items which can be readily beamed to students and used at the discretion of the teacher as (specifically, some of those moments when there are few extra minutes) . Here are two that I've created:


The following is an example of what is seen on the handheld screen at any given time.

Will this idea work? We hope so, but we don't know. We'll figure that out as we try out the images with students, and hopefully we're not just making a mistake that others have learned before.

Our rationalle in creating these items is that the images would be instantly available in a variety of settings. A cost savings in paper, printing, and time resources would occur. Finally, this would promote cooperative learning opportunities.

I've also fomatted some of these into Quizzler quizes, and we've come up with two strategies for handing these quiz items. The first involves pairing the students. One student will have the Meap content information displayed on his handheld while the other has the Quizzler application running. The students will then work together to answer the questions.
The second strategy has the teacher handing out printed copies (or possibly displaying the items via projector) and the student would be responsible for answering the questions.

I'm currently in the process of converting other Meap content areas.

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