Enter D'Apps I'm using this site to gain competence with technologies that I intend to utilize in the classroom. My college is doing a pretty good job teaching traditional methods, however, I only have one instructional media class and I believe that 21st century students should learn with 21st century technology. When I begin my teaching career, I want to integrate technology starting on the first day, and the only way I'll be able to do that is to start practicing now. I'll use blogs in the classroom for communicating with parents and daily roving reporting by students. Students will also have the option to write on their own blog. Over the next couple of years I'll model how I'll use use blogging in the classroom on this site. Please check out my other sites concerning Handhelds and Podcasting.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Pester 1.3

Pester is a timing application that allows you to set up repeating timed interval alarms. This application could be beneficial in any sort of timed cooperative grouping structure like Timed Think-Pair-Share-Discuss, or simply ensuring that a group of children have equal access to, say, a computer. Some cool things about Pester are its abilities work in other applications with no screens that pop up to tell you to reset or turn off the alarm; Pester only alerts you with sound.

Draining the handheld's batteries is a potential drawback about Pester. The developer has built in several features to help prevent this from happening, but depending on the user's setting, one minute intervals with the safety features shut off for example, its still possible. I wouldn't allow students to use this application at the end of the day.

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