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Friday, May 12, 2006


Handheld Presentation PowerPoint

This is the PowerPoint component of a presentation I'm giving in my EDU 346 class next week. The area of the handheld is where I will be interacting with PDA Reach at the same time the PowerPoint is running. I will also be recording it through Audacity

Nice job on the PPT. It's a nice overview for newbies and those who have only used handhelds for personal use. I'm doing a presentation this summer at a teacher's tech. conference here in CA and may borrow a couple of your ideas, if that's okay? I keep my PPT's short so the focus in on getting the handhelds in the hands of users and getting them excited about the possibilities.
Feel free to use whatever you need.

Unfortunately I only had a few handhelds to pass out. I've actually used that powerpoint twice now, and my instructor is going to have me come into her 2 summer classes and present.

The page for my second presentation from last
Thursday is under very early construction but can be viewed at

It includes a podcast.
I get to do a presentation for some elementary math majors on thurday. The class size is really small so that should help with my limited number of handhelds
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