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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Palm Graffiti Font for Windows and Mac

The Nashville Palm Users Group has PC and Mac downloads for Palm Graffite font. I recieved a weird message when I linked directly to their download site so here is a non-linked URL to their homepage:


When on their page, click on "Downloads" and then on "Fonts."

Instructions for adding the new font to your PC font selection can be found by clicking "Help and Support" drawn up from the PC's start menu and searching using the phrase "Adding new fonts".

Updated 6/18/06: PalmFont

Thanks for the link!

The problem you may have run into is that we don't allow hotlinking. So although we don't allow linking to the file itself, you should be to do a link to the Fonts page itself (http://www.npug.org/downloads/fonts.html).

Hope that helps and thanks again!
Thanks for visiting my blog and I'll update the URL. You really have a nice PUG organization there in Nashville. I've signed up and I'm looking forward to reading your forums.
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