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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Well.....There's This Program....

For the past few days I've been playing around with freeware called SMALLBASIC. It allows the user to fiddle around with old BASIC code and run it directly on the handheld. Since I've never coded anything before all of it was new to me, but I managed to come up with a program that quizzes on basic math facts. While that type of program certainly isn't needed it was really quite a fun exercise to figure out. The addition and multiplication were fairly straight forward while the division and subtraction presented some issues. I had a little help from a 1982 BASIC book that I checked out from the library, but for the most part I came up with everything myself. The result was something that, while not pretty, worked.

Here are a few screen shots.

The code is certainly old, but are the concepts that it employs outdated? Could 5th graders use this and would they want to? Would it be valuable? I find the ability to have instant access to an environment that allows you to employ these type of logical skills intriguing.

I think that there is a place for using these "old" codes in the classroom...Another oldie is Logo (the one with the turtle) that I believe is great for developing logical thinking.
Here's the website for Tinylogo which is freeware that runs on PalmOS.


I knew I should have picked up the old Logo book sitting next to the BASIC book at the library.

Thanks for stopping by, Ian. I enjoy reading what your doing in Australia.
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