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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Home from Vacation

My family and I just returned home from a 12 day vacation in Walt Disney World. On our way home from Detroit Metro Airport we detoured (to Cleveland!) and added a 10 week old collie puppy, named Kirby, to our family.

Despite some blisters on our toes, we had a fantastic time. The girls really loved their first trip to WDW and they love their puppy. Prior to the trip, My wife signed on to a couple of great sites that really helped up deal with with pre-planning and the crowds which really made our trip more enjoyable. For anyone planning to go I really recommend allearsnet and Tour Guide Mike. Tour Guide Mike gives excellent advice for dealing with the crowds and utilizing the Disney Fast Pass system; the site is really worth the $20.00 cost.

We decided to go laptop free on this trip so I have some catching up to do with emails and so forth.

Damn, I never knew there were s many cards apart from citi and capital one. Card Gallery has the biggest selection of cards.
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