Enter D'Apps I'm using this site to gain competence with technologies that I intend to utilize in the classroom. My college is doing a pretty good job teaching traditional methods, however, I only have one instructional media class and I believe that 21st century students should learn with 21st century technology. When I begin my teaching career, I want to integrate technology starting on the first day, and the only way I'll be able to do that is to start practicing now. I'll use blogs in the classroom for communicating with parents and daily roving reporting by students. Students will also have the option to write on their own blog. Over the next couple of years I'll model how I'll use use blogging in the classroom on this site. Please check out my other sites concerning Handhelds and Podcasting.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The Beaming Issues......

There have been a few reported problems with Mass Classroom Beamings of my applications. Over the next month I'll be implementing the same solution to my applications that I've already placed on Double Digit Multiplication, Jumble, and Rounding. My main goal is %100 prevention of "lib not found" messages from occuring at the start of a lesson. The downside is the addional weight of a file on the handheld. Fortuanately, memory has increased substantially on handhelds and this installer file can be deleted when it is no longer needed if space is an issue. The installer file icon disappears from the Palm Screen upon intial use of the application and can be beamed from within the application itself or from Palm's onboard screen page.

1-10-07 Subtraction has been updated. (please note that downloads for previous versions are being deleted.)

Today's new additions are the Change Counter Application which has had a level 3 Apply added to it and the new qNp MATH. The new scenario for Change Counter was requested in the LearninginHand forums over a year ago. qNp MATH is a basic math quizzer that allows for record keeping and IR Printing. I've been using this app tutoring in my daughter school. Kids love IR Printing.

I'll try to do an update a day, but this month will be particulary busy for me because of a double-paced class and the February 1st due-date of my portfolio and application for Student Teaching in the fall.

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