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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Device Specific Errors, Simulators, and Pseudo-Simulated Palm Environment

Device Specific Errors

It has come to my attention that the particular method I use to export-records-to-memo will cause a crash on the TX and and the Treo's. I'm implementing another export-to-memo option that works on all the Palm's OS5 device specific simulators and generic OS5 sim, and that developers who own these devices (TX, etc) say work.

I've made the advised corrections on my DD multiplication app and it works on Palm's TX Simulator. I'll get everything prepared and upload them to this site.

The device specific sims are found at a completely different website from the generic simulator, and I was unaware of them until Tuesday of this week. I had relied on the generic OS5 sim for all my testing.


On another note, the generic simulators are free and can run off a USB flash drive. This enables me to easily run a presentation off of the location's native equipment without additional hookup and compatibility concerns. Additionally, the Sim can be run on top of a PowerPoint, which makes for a neat interactive presentation. In order to keep applications listed in the simulator simply add a file called " autoload " to the Simulator's file, and then add any application.pdb's you want to run in the ' autorun ' file. Here are the download locations for the free Simulators. You do need to register as a developer with palm (not a big deal) in order to download them. If anyone wants to do this but has questions on which files to download let me know and I'll help you out.

ACCESS Developer Network for the generic sim.

Palm Developer Network for the device specific sims (there's a little bit of wading around the site to find them).

"Pseudo-Simulated Palm Environments"

There's not a lot of Palm usage on campus so I have to be creative :-) .

Using the portability of the sims I've created a couple of small "Pseudo-Simulated Palm Environments" with some of my fellow EDU friends (Yes, I'm considered to be an amusing crackpot). We've loaded the files from my Flash Drive to their laptops and everyone was able to run and interact with palm software on a Sim. I'm hoping to do in one of my EDU classes this term using one the various campus labs should I have a willing instructor. Perhaps I may be able to use this method when I go for funding in an actual elementary school.

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